Our product is a unique symbiosis of cutting-edge technology and our deep commitment to making information accessible. We believe that every trader deserves access to key knowledge that was previously available only to a select few.

Our product is based on the idea of ​​making trading on financial markets more accessible and transparent for everyone.

We combine cutting-edge technology and modern training methods to provide traders with the comprehensive tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the markets.

What does Crypto Matrix offer?

At Crypto Matrix, we strive to provide our users with not only data, but also deep market insight through our innovative tools and analytics. Here's how we help experienced traders take their trading to the next level

A unique feature of our service is the ability to download and analyze a large number of wallets at the same time. This allows users to gain instant, comprehensive insights, reducing research time and improving decision-making.

Mass Wallet Analysis

Mass Wallet Analysis: Forget about analyzing wallets one by one. Our platform gives you the power to analyze thousands of wallets simultaneously, providing in-depth analytical insights instantly.

Our detailed Excel

Our detailed Excel reports are a consolidation of data that provide completeness of analysis for traders. Reports include a wide range of metrics including total number of trades, token diversity, winrate metrics on realized and unrealized transactions, detailed profit and loss analysis, buying and selling activity, total commission and other key indicators such as time factor. These reports will provide the in-depth insights you need to shape strategies, optimize your portfolio and identify new opportunities to improve trading performance.

Our innovative Winrate

Our innovative Winrate tool represents a new step in trade analysis. This tool is your personal transaction success analyst, distinguishing between realized and unrealized results for each token and trade.

Universal access

Universal access: Our platform is always at your fingertips - accessible via web or Telegram, it gives you the freedom to analyze and make decisions anywhere, anytime.

Advanced AI Analysis

Advanced AI Analysis: Use the power of artificial intelligence to uncover hidden patterns and trends that may elude even the most experienced traders.

Ethereum and Binance

Ethereum and Binance support: We've expanded our analytics capabilities to include support for the leading blockchain networks.

Crypto Matrix is ​​available both in the web version and through a bot in Telegram

Our service allows you to extract data on all wallets that traded specific coins over a selected period of time, providing complete insight into market activity and helping you make informed investment decisions.

180 days

Comprehensive PNL/Winrate Calculation: Track and optimize your performance with the ability to calculate profit and loss and win rates for periods ranging from 1 to 180 days.

25000 +

High-Capacity Wallet Analysis: Efficiently analyze up to 25,000 wallets simultaneously. Our system offers robust filtering capabilities to meet your specific criteria, ensuring you focus only on what matters most.

100000 +

Exceptional Analytical Speed: Process and analyze over 100,000 wallets daily with our state-of-the-art analytical engine, designed for speed and accuracy.

Advanced analytical system that not only identifies but extracts trader wallets directly from DEX exchange contracts.